Established Leaders in Construction

The Cardi Companies have reached a leading regional position and a prominent rank among the Northeast's largest construction firms. We are proud of our long history of providing quality construction services and materials since 1900.

Through the modernization of our capital equipment and growth of new business, Cardi has remained an industry leader. Headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, the companies provide a variety of construction, materials processing and construction-related services.

Our Great Grandfather, Antonio B. Cardi, born in Italy and the son of a merchant and contractor. He started his own construction company in Italy by digging cellars and came to America in 1900 looking for work. His first job was building railroads in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and after being with the company for a short time they made him a foreman because of his experience in Italy. His responsibility was monitoring the railroad tracks for fallen rocks and debris. he worked six days a week and three nights. Antonio wanted to return to his trade of being a merchant, teamster and builder, which he did with his father in Italy; so he bought a pair of horses and a bottom dump wagon and went into the Excavation, Sand, Gravel and Hauling Business in 1905.

Americo “Rico” Cardi learned the contracting business the hard way. He was out on the job, working with the men and worked at practically every aspect of the job in the business. From the pick, shovel and wheel-barrow, driving a truck to learning how to operate the big cranes, bulldozers and graders. This experience gave him a keen insight into all construction problems and gained the respect of the men who work for his company and those on the outside who constantly seek his practical, down-to-earth advice on construction problems.

After Antonio passed in 1933 he took control of the company and running it for 5 years; later merging with Santi Campanella to form Campanella and Cardi which grew to be one of the largest and most respected road, bridge, and airport construction firms in the country. In 1968 Americo became one of the principals of a new construction company, Cardi Corp. and severed his connection with Campanella & Cardi as of a result of his new association.

Antonio Cardi
Americo Cardi
Stephen A. Cardi
Stephen A. Cardi II
Exec. VP
Antonio B. Cardi

Our Operations Include:

  • Highway and Heavy Construction
  • Bridges
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Sitework
  • Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Aggregates
  • Equipment Rental

Complete Construction Management Capability

Cardi draws on the strength and competence of its experienced, dedicated employees to undertake federal, state, municipal and private construction contracts of all sizes. The successful and timely fulfillment of each project has earned Cardi a solid reputation as one of the largest, most respected road, bridge and site construction firms in the Northeast. Rigid quality control standards are maintained in every job we undertake - asphalt work, bridge construction, earth moving, cofferdam and pile driving, pipelines, airport construction, industrial site improvement - regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

Experts in Materials Processing

Cardi has achieved an enviable position throughout the Northeast based on the quality of our material production. State-of-the-art facilities provide materials used for all types of construction jobs.

These state and federally certified plants have become nationally recognized for their safe and efficient methods of operation:

  • Two (2) 12 yard central mix and a batching concrete plant capable of supplying product for commercial, industrial and residential projects.
  • A drum mix asphalt plant capable of producing a wide range of quality bituminous products.
  • Two (2) modern aggregate processing plants which manufacture sand and stone products in a variety of consistent gradations and sizes.
  • An asphalt recycling facility equipped to reprocess used asphalt products for new applications.

Antonio B. Cardi

President of Cardi Corporation - 1967-Present

  • Executive Responsibility for Construction and Materials Production
  • Pres. of the Construction Industries of Rhode Island - 1963-1968 and 1973-1977
  • Trustee of various Construction Industry Benefit Trust Funds

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When Antonio was 14 years old, he went to work on the asphalt crew. After graduating from Manhattan College in 1959, Mr. Campanella, unbeknownst to Americo Cardi made Antonio a Corporate Asst. Vice President. Antonio’s hard work and college education made him a very knowledgeable person.

We gave him the task of rebuilding and upgrading the old asphalt plants. He made it possible, with the help of other heating experts to convert plants from steam heat to hot oil. The same jacketing for Pug mills, feed pipe and also the asphalt pumps, and all of hot asphalt tanks. This was the first plant ever, now all the plants of the same type are all built likewise.

Stephen A. Cardi II

Executive Vice President of Cardi Corporation

  • National Board of Directors for American Road & Transportation Builders Association
  • Current President of Construction Industries of RI

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Stephen A. Cardi

Treasurer of Cardi Corporation and Affiliates

  • President of the Rhode Island Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America
  • Member of the Bar of the State of Rhode Island since 1966

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