Safety is Our Way of Life

Cardi’s successes are built on the efforts, skill and knowledge of experienced and dedicated employees who possess the resources and expertise required to successfully perform virtually any heavy, highway, sitework or utility project. In turn, Cardi takes every possible measure to protect our employees, through an exemplary safety program which has allowed us to experience recordable incident and lost time rates which are far less than the national average.

In order to achieve these results, Cardi’s safety program goes beyond compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations. We require an initial full safety orientation for all new employees, and make a continuing commitment to each employee’s well-being through safety education and other ongoing training over the course of the employee’s career, and with the finest equipment, materials and supervision. It is our daily objective not only to perform with excellence but also to take every feasible step to minimize the risk of any workplace injuries.

At Cardi, we treat safety issues as a core part of our business, and the true measure of our success is whether each and every one of our employees goes home every day to families and loved one in the same condition that he or she came to work.

For all Safety Inquiries contact the Safety Department