Sand & Gravel Processing Plant

The Cardi Companies have the ability to process their our own sand and gravel, stone or crushed stone at our Hopkins Hill Sand & Stone facility and have the in-house capacity to supply any order in the states of Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ) and Connecticut ( CT ). These products are available for pick-up at our plant, as well as having our own trucks to deliver material to your job site location to avoid any time delays for your projects.

Over the years, we have seen tremendous growth allowing us to expand into various sand and gravel products. From heavy and highway construction to commercial or residential foundation and paving needs, we have the capacity to provide processed sand and gravel or stone for all your project needs.

If you are in need of any processed sand and gravel or stone products, contact Bernie Alderson, our GM at Hopkins Hill Sand & Stone Facility, a Cardi company located in West Greenwich, RI today for a free quote. Thank you for choosing the Cardi Companies.

Please see our Volume Calculator below.

Product List

Description Code U/M
Dry Screened Sand 10101 TON
Pool Sand 30025 TON
Washed Concrete Sand 10007 TON
Washed Asphalt Sand 10010 TON
RI Pervious Material 10006 TON
8" Minus Crushed Stone 30027 TON
1 1/2" Washed Stone 10015 TON
3/4" Washed Stone 10013 TON
1/2" Washed Stone 10012 TON
3/8" Washed Stone 10011 TON
1/2" Dry Stone 10120 TON
3/8" Dry Stone 10110 TON
Processed Gravel 3/4" - 3" 30034 TON
Processed Gravel - 3/4" 30026 TON
Recyc Processed Gravel 30038 TON
Bank Gravel 30020 TON
Loam (NLT/HHS) 30022 CY
SCR Loam (NLT/HH) 30031 CY
Rip Rap (NLT/HH) 30036 TON
Borrow 30019 TON
Wall Stone 30033 TON
Pond Fill 30021 TON
Used Barrier TON
#57 Stone (Blended) 10157 TON
Mason Sand 30050 TON
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*Based on 2800 pounds per cubic yard