Utility Construction

Cardi Corporation is among the leading utility contractors in New England. Together with our affiliated companies, including Cardi Materials, Advantage Equipment Rentals, Fall River Ready-Mixed Concrete, Hopkins Hill Sand & Stone and AM Electric, Cardi provides those services throughout Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), and Connecticut ( CT ).

Cardi’s utility construction work includes the civil component of electrical, communications, gas, sewer and water work in connection with the many miles of road, bridge and highway construction work performed by Cardi each year. Cardi’s utility construction work also includes free-standing utility projects, such as demolition and relocation of underground duct systems, construction of high-pressure gas transmission lines for power plants and sub-stations, foundations and pads for utility fixtures, poles and equipment of any size or description and all of the trenching, excavation, earth support, grading, paving, concrete and related work necessary for the installation of water, sewer and electric utilities in any ground conditions, at or below grade, in ledge, cobbles or subaqueous conditions, with sheeting systems or other excavation support systems, all with its own forces.

Through our licensed electrical construction affiliate, AM Electric, Cardi is also able to perform underground and overhead electric distribution work. That work includes handholes, box pads, splice boxes, grounding systems and conduit, transformer box pad installations and associated conduit work including grounding and bonding, spacers and galvanized conduit, sweeps for riser poles and all associated ancillary work.

Please contact us at estimating@cardi.com for further information.